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Our Experience

In a span of one decade, we passed through unique journey filled with versatile experience from concept creator to creative consultant, from program developer to presentation, from workshop organizer to workflow designer in the area of health sector and allied field in Nepal and abroad.

Our Experiences

Our footprints

  • Worked as a Consultant to Asia Meditech in verification process of Insurance Claim for Road Traffic Accidents.
  • Worked as Medical consultant for
    • Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd. (2019 February onwards)
    • Siddhartha Insurance Limited (2016-2017)
    • NLG Insurance Limited
    • Lumbini General Insurance Limited
    • Ajod Insurance Limited
    • Nepal Truck Transport Entrepreneurs Federation
    • Nepal Insurance Company Limited
    • Mediflow Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Worked in development of mobile applications for different institutions
    • Rotary Club 3292
    • Nepal Medical Association
  • Research finding on working with different Insurance Companies for the need of integrated IT tool with EMR has been implemented with separate company named Mediflow solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Developed concept of online search for health institutions and doctors through Health Concern website and offline search through mobile app 'Hospitals Nepal'. This mobile app has been downloaded by 30,000 users in 6 months of time. This app, first of its kind, can search and connect the chosen doctors or hospitals. All the stake-people, doctors and hospitals have given a strong feedback about this app.

Organized Continued Medical Education for Bangkok Hospital, Thailand; Global Hospitals, India; Nova ivi Fertility Clinic, India; Apollo Hospitals, India, Amrita institute of Medical Science, Kerala, India.

Have been participating and supporting international forum and conferences on global healthcare and medical tourism. Namely- International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference (IMTEC), Malaysia Healthcare Travel Exhibition (MIHTE), Turkey Medical Tourism Forum, Arab Health, Advantage Healthcare India, 2017

Has been serving as an active member of GHTC (Global Healthcare Travel Council) having 33 countries as members.

Organized multi stakeholders' discussion workshops on topics of national importance namely, Medical Tourism and Health Journalism. Brainstorming discussion on Health Insurance and Transportation System.

Organized Hospitals Insurance Meet –up, 2018

Worked in Healthcare of Tourist with Nepal Medical association & Nepal Government. Policy making Covid care with WHO